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” I have worked with Suvali for over three years. We started at another studio doing formal Pilates and transitioned there into more individual movement rehabilitation. When she set up her own studio I continued to see her weekly. We worked together for over a year before the Virus closed everything down. What Suvali does is unique. She has an intuitive way of looking at how my body works – the things that are ‘off kilter’ –  and finds ways to smooth things so that my 77 year old body can move with ease and be pain free.

Since the virus closed one-to-one sessions I have had virtual on-line sessions with her every week. Through Zoom connections she can watch me in my house, see what’s moving easily… or not(!) and have me do body work to remediate my problems. It has worked extremely well. Though the idea of distance sessions is strange at first, she has been able to ‘see’ such things as pelvic twisting for instance and have me do positions/exercises that have made the needed corrections.

For a work space I have a blanket on the floor, pillows, a chair for balance and a few balls and bands that we use. My tablet picks up a clear picture of what I’m doing to send to her and she can show and explain what I should be working on from her home. Though we aren’t in the same room, it works extremely well. Given the circumstances, it is almost as good as being there.

I would not hesitate to recommend others who have worked with Suvali (or new clients looking for help in isolation) to book a one-on-one on-line session with her. It took only a few minutes for us to get the wrinkles smoothed. It’s the highlight of my isolated week! ”

                                                                                                  -Donalda Reid

” It has been SO lovely to work with you – life changing actually. When I started with you I was in such a challenging place in my body and our sessions really shifted that. Sometimes I forget because it feels like a lifetime ago, but working with you had a profound impact on my road to being embodied again. Also, it led me to do my pilates teaching training, so thank you for inspiring me to fall in love with movement again! “