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About Suvali

My Story

My embodiment journey began with the necessity and desire to heal my physical body. I was challenged with physical pain, tightness, poor movement patterns and limited range of motion. Through my exploration I discovered new pathways of movement that enabled my everyday activities to become easeful, pain free and enjoyable.

My studies have played an important role in informing and re-educating my body. This path navigated different aspects of my being: physical, emotional, mental and energetic, all intricately entwined and informing one another. I explored the uncharted terrain of my body in movement; there were times I felt frustrated and uncomfortable. Through guided exploration, persistence and patience, something new emerged. Now I’m more aware and connected to my body, and express myself in dance with grace, flow and freedom. My movement repertoire has become expansive, creative and playful.

My Passion

When I contemplated the great question of “what is my life purpose?”, I began to think about what gift I possessed that I could share with others. I believe my gift is to help my clients become embodied, through gaining greater awareness of their body. It brings me joy to assist others in finding ease of movement and inner strength, allowing them to live a fuller, richer life through their physical body. I’m filled with gratitude that I enjoy what I do on a daily basis and that I feel aligned with my true calling, my reason for being here.

My Inspiration

I am moved by people who are embodied and have access to beautiful movement patterning. I love seeing the full potential of what the human body is capable of, and I’m intrigued by all its intricate layers. What I find most fascinating is the mind-body relationship and how interconnected it is. I love exploring how the body in movement supports the mind and emotions.