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Somatic Movement

I appreciate Suvali’s intuition, her ability to engage my body in conversation. I feel inspired by our work together and enjoy the exploration of my body in movement. Richard H

What is Somatic Movement?

The word “soma” comes from the Greek word for “body”. Somatic movement is an approach that enhances your body awareness through forms of subtle movement exploration.

Dynamic Embodiment Somatic Movement Therapy (DESMT)

A holistic form of healing and mind/body movement practice developed by Dr. Martha Eddy. Her unique perspective integrates several somatic practices including Body Mind Centering, Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals.

DESMT is a collaborative relationship between practitioner and client that fosters a supportive environment. The practitioner draws from a variety of tools: movement analysis, movement re patterning, experiential anatomy, hands-on touch, visualization, sounding and dance. This enhances the client’s body awareness, helps them access easeful movement options, and develops full-bodied presence.

What are the different approaches in DESMT?

Body Mind Centering: BMC is a holistic approach to movement developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. The inner landscape of the body’s anatomy and physiology is explored through cognitive understanding, using pictures and the body’s physical somatic experience. This creates a broader range of movement and the ability to internally reference different body systems for support.

Another aspect of BMC is the exploration of developmental movement re-patterning from infancy.  The body’s natural intelligence is re-awakened, enabling the body to move in space with clarity and ease. BMC draws upon the use of safe, appropriate guided touch. It is used to inform and enhance the client’s body awareness and facilitate new pathways of movement choices in the body.

Laban Movement Analysis: Rudolph Laban designed a system of movement analysis that enables the observer to aptly describe what they see. Observational skills include the person’s use of space, body, effort and shape through dynamic movement. The observer has a collection of tools for interpreting, describing and visualizing forms of movement.

Bartenieff Fundamentals: Irmgaurd Bartenieff combined the principles of developmental movement and Laban Movement Analysis to create a series of six basic movements that re-pattern the body developmentally. Through the use of movement and hands-on touch, her work creates deep connective pathways that enhance body awareness, support, and give rise to clarity and ease of movement.

What are the benefits of Somatic Movement?

  • An opportunity to explore your body through subtle movement, sensation and sound
  • Develop a better awareness of your physical body and body/mind relationship
  • Discover new movement options for rehabilitation and healing
  • Help improve your performance in sports, golf, dance or martial arts by developing movement patterning that supports these activities
  • Expand your creative expression and movement vocabulary as a dancer
  • Enhance your experience of life by developing presence and awareness of your body
Working with Suvali is a distinct and extremely productive process for me. Having tried many modalities of bodywork and healthcare yet still in a state of chronic tension in my body, I have been learning concrete and effective methods from Suvali to release this tension and sink safely into the earth and into myself. With clarity and precision, she is teaching me usable tools for deepened self-care that will improve all aspects of my life. Suvali has impressive and diverse knowledge and skills, and is extremely perceptive and compassionate. She thus works with subtle insight into the interconnections among body, movement and emotion. Suvali stands out in my experience as a truly special and effective guide for healing. Laura Jnara

“I have been working with Suvali for over five years and in that time benefited enormously from pilates, somatic movement therapy and sound meditation classes. Individual movement sessions with Suvali have helped me find new ways to work through longstanding injury and chronic pain. Her somatic movement and hands-on touch have been a great joy and comfort that has enhanced my quality of life immeasurably. The sound meditation classes have been incredibly enlivening to my spirit and overall wellness. I’m very grateful to have those Tuesday nights to look forward to.”

Susan Knott

I started sessions with Suvali 7 years ago, to continue my exploration of Pilates. Very quickly I learned that she was no ordinary Pilates instructor. She combines all of her trainings including Somatic movement, Yoga and Sound. I can say that I benefit from all of these therapies.

Each session is a unique experience flowing easily between the modalities. She has a great understanding of human anatomy coupled with deep intuition. Her hands “know” how the body needs to move in each session not only to heal physically, but emotionally and spiritually. In whatever state one arrives for a session with Suvali, you know you will depart with a deep sense of relaxation, peace and a renewed ease of movement.

She is truly a teacher with vast stores from which to draw; from her wealth of education and experience; deep spirituality, genuine ability to connect and to communicate what IS possible in order for our bodies and souls to heal. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Susan Reznek