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Pre and Post Natal Pilates

What Is the Difference Between Regular and Pre-/Post-Natal Pilates?

Both during pregnancy and after giving birth, women will experience many changes in their body. To accommodate the needs of pre and post-natal women, regular pilates repertoire can be modified to make it suitable for mothers, with props and equipment used to provide feedback to her body. These props provide support and aid with functional alignment, while the equipment uses springs to create varying levels of resistance. The focus is to build strength in specific areas of her body to help cope with the weight of the baby and release areas of tension.

Benefits of Pre-Natal Pilates

  • This mind/body movement practice focuses on slowing down and emphasizes breathing, which has a calming effect for you and your baby
  • Supervised safe, effective exercise that supports the changes occurring in your body during pregnancy
  • Increased energy and feeling of vitality is created through regular movement
  • Promotes balance and enhanced spatial orientation, which supports your changing center of gravity and reduces the likelihood of falls and injuries
  • Strengthens the muscles that support the spine, which helps to relieve back pain
  • Helps prepare you for the physical exertion of labor
  • Opens the body and creates more space for the baby

Benefits of Post-Natal Pilates

  • Aids in faster recovery after giving birth
  • Helps to maintain vaginal, pelvic floor and abdominal tone, aids in the prevention of urinary incontinence, pelvic floor and uterine prolapse and lower back pain
  • Increased upper body strength supports your ability to carry your newborn and reduces strain from long periods of breast feeding

Pregnancy-Related Issues Aided by Pilates

  • Sacroilliac joint instability and osteitis pubis (laxity in the pubic symphysis): Pilates helps to strengthen the muscles that support the joints of your spine and pelvis
  • Joint hypermobility: Pilates develops control in your stabilizing muscles and strengthens your whole body, leading to greater support for hyper-mobile joints
  • Diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal wall at the linea alba): Pilates, correctly done, can help to minimize this condition and thereby prevent lower back pain
  • Upper/lower back pain: Pilates and yoga help to strengthen the upper/lower back and hips, promoting better structural alignment
  • Swelling: Full-body movement keeps joints mobile, thereby helping to circulate fluids and reduce swelling

Benefits of Exercise for Your Baby

Exercising during pregnancy massages and excites the baby, causing it to move. This stimulates your baby’s development in the uterus and helps to develop muscle tone, nerves and sense of touch.

Endorphin release has been proven to be the reason that people feel better when they exercise. In pregnant women, these hormones cross the placenta in small amounts and cause similar physiological responses in the baby.

Individual Sessions

Sessions are catered to the support the mothers needs on the day and modifications will be made as required. The studio I work from has Balanced Body equipment and many supportive props.

1 Private $ 126
5 Private $ 630
10 Private $ 1260
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“I love Suvali! She helped me so much during and after my pregnancy with her pilates instruction. I felt strong and had an easy pregnancy. After the birth at my first check-up, the doctor was impressed as I didn’t need pelvic floor exercises. Six months after giving birth, I am training with a personal trainer who is impressed by my core strength. I’m also continuing pilates and yoga with Suvali, who is such a caring instructor. She even manages to teach me while the baby is sleeping, babbling or eating in the stroller or on a mat copying mommy’s pilates moves.” Vanessa Avila

“I believe Suvali’s gentle and capable guidance is the reason why I had such a pleasant pregnancy. I can honestly say I never felt as physically strong as I did while under her care. Her passion for supporting expectant mothers is demonstrated by her enthusiasm for the topic of child development as well as her inexhaustible supply of pre-natal exercises tailored to meet her clients’ needs. After I gave birth, my body returned to its pre-pregnancy form much faster than I expected. I highly recommend pre-natal pilates with Suvali to any expectant mother.” Natasha McCartney