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Sound Healing Meditation

“Sound it is a beautiful medium that evokes a deep peaceful state, creating harmony and balance that transcends into one’s life. The vibration supports, nurtures and renews people on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and energetic.”

Individual Sound Session

Sessions are catered to the individual’s needs on the day. To start, we set an intention around what you would like support with. Breathing techniques are introduced to help create a sense of calm.

During your session, Tibetan bowls are placed on and around your body where you need support. Gongs and other instruments may also be used. The sound surrounds your body in a cocoon of vibration, promoting the flow of energy for healing and transformation. 
This invokes a feeling of peace and inner stillness, allowing your body to find balance.

60 minute session $ 120.75
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What is Sacred Sound?

Sound has been used for thousands of years in cultural traditions of ritual, dance, expression, meditation and healing. The Tibetan bowls and gongs I use are vibrational instruments from ancient Eastern traditions. These sacred sounds create balance within your body’s energy system, helping you move from a place of stress to one of peace.

What are the benefits of Sacred Sound?

  • A sense of overall calm and tranquility
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Experiencing a meditative state
  • Accentuated clarity of mind and body
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Feeling more present and grounded
  • Less reactivity in your everyday life

Group Sound Meditation

Please note during this time of Covid, I am unable to offer sound meditation sessions.
I will restart these sessions as soon as we are able!

“I have been dealing with chronic pain issues for over 20years; in particular patterns of muscular rigidity and reflexive tension in response to stress that leaves me unable to relax and breathe with ease or comfort. Working with Suvali in Sound Meditation has done more to help me work through the pain than any other method I have yet encountered. The psychological effects have been, and continue to be, equally profound. I cannot recommend her or her practice highly enough.”

Stephen Southerland

 “I was a typical type, an insomniac going through a particularly stressful time when I decided to try sound healing. It took about four or five sessions before I was able to allow myself to relax, breathe and start to surrender to the sound and vibrations of the bowls.   With each session I became better at welcoming what sound healing had to offer me.  I became much calmer and less stressed and after a few months no longer suffered from insomnia.  Sound healing has taken me on a wonderful journey and has become an integral part of my life. I am a strong advocate of the benefits and have recommended Suvali to my family and friends.  I started sound healing thinking I had nothing to lose but didn’t realize how much I had to gain.  I will forever be grateful to Suvali for having such a positive impact on my life.”

Elizabeth Nonay

Suvali’s Sound Meditation class helps me see the world differently. Suvali introduced mindfulness into my overly busy life, giving me an oasis of peace in my week. Always relevant, every class is different. Barbara Holder

After the sound meditation I left feeling deeply grounded, peaceful, calm and in touch with myself. Thank you. Patty Lowery