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Individual Sessions

Introductory Movement Session

An introductory session will help you gain awareness of your body’s needs and movement choices, and determine which modalities are required to create support. We will briefly discuss your physical history, injuries and goals, as well as observe your posture and movement.

You will be introduced to fundamental aspects of movement: finding support, exploration of breath, awareness of bone alignment and some basic movements. There may be facilitation and guidance through hands-on touch, and you may be given a few exercises to practice at home.

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Individual Movement Sessions / Pilates Session

1 Private $ 126
5 Private $ 630
10 Private $ 1260
Includes GST

Individual Yoga Session

90 minutes $ 160
Includes GST

Booking Policy

If you are unable to attend, please cancel within 24 hours to avoid full charge. Thank you for your understanding.