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“I enjoy educating clients to explore the ease and efficiency in which they can move, and integrating that awareness into their everyday life”

What is Pilates Based Movement Therapy?

Pilates is a movement practice developed by Joseph Pilates. It has a strong focus on creating strength in the muscles that stabilize and support the pelvis, spine and shoulder girdle, creating a stable core. This whole body approach uses foundational movement to create balance, improve alignment and range of motion.

There are six foundational principles in Pilates: breath, centring, concentration, control, precision and flow. Each principle informs and relates to the other. Pilates is performed using flowing movement as the muscles are slowly contracted and lengthened, creating strength with length.

What are the Benefits?

  • Learning how to move your body safely, efficiently, and with support
  • Improving overall movement patterning
  • Greater awareness of posture and alignment
  • Opening pathways to breath more efficiently
  • Develops coordination, proprioception, balance, and spatial orientation
  • Increased body awareness, the ability to internally reference
  • Calming the nervous system
  • Enhanced performance in other movement activities such as sports, dance, golf and martial arts

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

If you can only manage a few private sessions, this can still benefit you. However, you must be willing to be disciplined and practice the recommended homework.

It has taken time for your body to develop your current movement patterns, and it will take time for it to learn new movement pathways. Therefore, clients are encouraged to start with a series of 10 private sessions. Attending a session once a week will be beneficial, while two sessions per week is ideal.

Individual Sessions

Sessions are catered to the individual’s needs on the day. During a session, equipment and props may be used. This gives feedback, enhances sensation, and improves body awareness – that is not accessible without equipment. The studio I work from has Balanced Body equipment and many supportive props.

1 Private $ 126
5 Private $ 630
10 Private $ 1260
Includes GST

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“Suvali has such an incredible, uplifting energy that it instantly reassures you that you’re in the most capable and observant of hands. This applies to her pilates instruction, her sound meditation classes and everything else she does. I wholeheartedly recommend Suvali’s services to everyone!” Serena Matter

“During and after a session with Suvali, your body thanks you and you feel as though you’ve done something very beneficial for your health and psyche. I’ve told people that it’s like a weekly physio appointment but with the kindest, sweetest, most gifted teacher who has a magic touch. I have countless aches and pains from sports, and I can only manage them through our weekly pilates sessions. Suvali’s ability to identify the source of these issues and find supportive movement to improve them is amazing. I feel very fortunate to have her as my teacher.” Michelle Larigakis

Suvali is an inspirational teacher with a very practical, hands-on side. Her careful instructions and gentle corrections allow you to fine tune your alignment and assume the best posture possible as you strengthen your body. Ronnie Tesler