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My Intention

May you live LIFE with presence, awareness, wholeness and vitality
May you experience the joy and beauty of your own creative expression
May you move through life with freedom, support and ease in your body
May you live in this world with your feet firmly grounded, connected to your centre
May your breath radiate out through your entire being
And be the gateway…
To receive as you inhale
To let go as you exhale
May you trust deeply in your body’s natural intelligence and innate wisdom
May you listen to and honor yourself in every moment
May you surrender and accept the flow of life
May you cultivate an inner stillness, in the silence of your being
May you live with an open heart, to give and receive
So that you may nurture compassion for self and others
And be filled with heartfelt gratitude
May your movement practice inform your inner and outer world
May you take your practice off the mat and into the world around you….